Parts Sales

568F-1 & 568F-5

Propeller 568F-1 and 568F-5 full assemblies or parts, that equips ATR 500/600 and CASA C295;

– Blades;

– Hubs;

– Transfer tubes;

– Actuators;

– Spinners;

– Bulkheads;

– Adjusting Nuts;


Helicopter Main and Tail Rotor Servo Actuators

Main and tail rotor servo actuator assemblies or parts for the helicopters Squirrel, Dauphin and AW109.

PCU5000 Governor (General Aviation)

PCU5000 – PMA FAA-approved propeller governor, used on most Cessna, Mooney, Piper, and Beechcraft single-engine piston aircrafts. If you choose our product, no adaptation is required on your aircraft. Click here to have access to the application chart to identify if this governor is applicable to your aircraft.