APS Brasil is a workshop approved by ANAC to carry out the special services listed below, services approved by the issuance of SEGVOO003, if requested by the client. Click here for the ANAC Operational Specifications:

– Non-destrutive testing

  • – Ultrasonic in accordance with AMS-STD-2154;
  • – Particle Magnetic Inspection in accordance with ASTM E1444;
  • – Eddy Current in accordance with MIL-HDBK-728/2 e ABNT NBR 15548;
  • – Penetrant Inspection in accordance with ASTM E1417;
  • – Thermography;

– Aeronautical painting in general;

– Metallization by Flame Spray application;

– Structural repairs in composite material applied over carbon, kevlar and glass fibers, performed even in field or in APS Shop;